A Story of Origin

It begins on the island of Java, Indonesia, one of the finest ginger growing regions in the world, where our ginger is cultivated by a small village of organic farmers. Once the harvest is handpicked, it is passed from farmer to confectioner, where local artisans trained in traditional candy-making handcraft the Arjuna Ginger Bar that we share here with you.

On the lush lower slopes of the volcano Arjuna, our farming partners cultivate small hands of Sparrow ginger deep into the growing season to yield an intense heat – the defining characteristic of the Arjuna Ginger Bar.

Ginger Figure

Experience The Taste Adventure

By enjoying the peppery spice and fruity sweetness of the Arjuna Ginger Bar, you are connecting directly to the farming community of East Java and supporting their sustainable agricultural traditions. We believe in the quality and provenance of the products we make and we believe food should be enjoyed, even celebrated, for the simple pleasures it provides.



The 28 farmers who cultivate our ginger on the fertile slopes of the Arjuna volcano have always grown food for their families. Now they grow for our family too, through a partnership supporting sustainability and reverence for the land.


Mat Sulyani – 30 Years Old

Mat Sulyani has been farming ginger for the last four years; he began doing so on his tiny three-quarter acre (3,000 m2) farm that he inherited from his parents in Gunungsari village, East Java. Mat and his fellow farmers in this mountainous, tropical region maintain the traditional farming practices that they were taught by their parents. Mat credits the unique qualities of this productive and distinctly fragrant ginger to the lush environment surrounding the village.

Mat is grateful to live in a peaceful place, far from urban areas, where his community can remain dedicated to their farming heritage; he views being a farmer as a family legacy and a commitment. Today, Mat’s farm has more than tripled in size to 2.5 acres (10,000 m2) and he has secured a stable price for his ginger by supplying The Ginger People with the organic raw materials for the Arjuna Ginger Bar. Mat is currently building his first home with the proceeds from his farm and will reside there with his wife, Lik Indrawati, their two children, and his in-laws.


Kasiono – 58 Years Old

For 30 years, Kasiono tended his family farm in Gunungsari village, beginning as a laborer for his parents and then eventually growing his own vegetable crops. He struggled for years to cultivate vegetables as they were constantly ravaged by pests and disease. Kasiono eventually abandoned the farm to become a vegetable broker.

In 2012, Mat Sulyani, Kasiono’s neighbor, encouraged him to begin farming again. Mat suggested farming organic ginger as he had experienced much success with the crop. Kasiono decided to give farming a second chance and began growing ginger on his 5 acre (20,000 m2) plot. Each day, Kasiono visually inspects his crop and he even developed an organic pest repellent using native plants. By supplying The Ginger People with raw ginger, Kasiono has found a stable home for his crop as well as a stable income for his family.


Jaffar Handika – 30 Years Old

Jaffar Handika planted his first ginger crop in September of 2014 in Gunungsari Village, East Java. Jaffar was raised around ginger farming, as his parents collected and sold ginger grown by other local farmers for over 25 years. Now retired, his parents encouraged Jaffar to keep their family land healthy through organic ginger farming. Jaffar uses only natural methods to keep his crops safe and thriving.

Jaffar is new to first-hand ginger farming and has much to learn about ginger cultivation. By pooling the knowledge of the entire village, Jaffar and his fellow farmers are able to learn, grow, and prosper together. Jaffar hopes to keep his family healthy, to supplement his income and to be a successful ginger broker and farmer. His first crop will be harvested soon and it will then be transported from the village to the candy factory where it will be washed, stone ground and transformed into The Ginger People’s new Arjuna Ginger Bar.

Gunungsari village is located on the steep mountain slopes of Arjuna, which can be challenging for the farmer but is ideal and rewarding for a crop such as ginger. Tropical rainfall and well-drained, nutrient rich soil allows the ginger to thrive.

This farming community is truly that: a community. It is not only a place where farming knowledge and assistance is shared and offered, but also one where people come together to celebrate, to discuss, and even to help build one another’s homes and local infrastructure.


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