Settling into that aisle seat that was almost impossible to grab, the next light bulb that turns bright in the mind is probably, "what beverage will get me through this five hour flight." Most travelers settle for the airline signature concoction which is usually a cup of airline coffee, a sugary carbonated beverage or something to calm the stomach while stressing over turbulent clouds. Keep in mind, there are other healthier options.

The Ginger People have delightful refreshing elixirs that are perfect for the stressed traveler. Ginger Soother, for example, is a calming drink made from prized yellow ginger. The flesh of ginger can be yellow, white or red depending on the variety. With a just a touch of honey, the ginger soother will provide harmony to the stomach while soothing the throat. It will aid in easing nausea while preventing colds and viruses.

Ginger is very effective in alleviating symptoms of gastrointestinal issues. Eight ounces of the beverage contains only 80 calories and 19 grams of ginger. Keep in mind that going through airline security will allow only three ounces of liquid, but a little amount of ginger goes a very long way.

Here are benefits of taking in some ginger:

Ginger will warm the body's energy therefore grabbing hold of the food intake and burning the calories we consume. Metabolism will work better and ginger also improves digestion.

Excellent for banishing motion sickness, ginger also relieves bloating associated with flying. Studies have proven that ginger works better than over the counter drugs which are suppose to cure the nausea related to motion illness.

Ginger has been known to reduce inflammation and swelling which are both common while flying the friendly skies.

Ginger offers free radical support due to gingerol, a main active component found in the plant.

Ginger provides lots of potassium, manganese, B6 and magnesium.

Ginger Gizer is another tonic put out by the Ginger People. This beverage has a tripled amount of ginger and boosts the body's energy. It contains fresh pressed ginger, freeze dried ginger and ginger syrup. These elixirs can be consumed hot or cold.

Ginger chews are also available by this company and all can be found at Whole Foods. Whether it is calmness or a boost of energy the air traveler is searching for, a few sips of these beautiful tonics will capture the spirit and soothe the soul.

Featured 7/15/2009 by the San Jose Examiner, Writer Cheryl Ann Murphy.