"Motion sickness and I have always been buddies when it comes to car rides...at least when I'm in back... then over the past 10 years it started to effect me with flying and well say good bye to roller coasters.

My best experience was flying with my boss and nearly well eh hem right in to his lap...yeah good stuff. So when I got these new Ginger People double strength candies I decided to try them out on my flights (St. Louis and San Diego) instead of Dramamine...and the verdict is they worked!

Here I am all chipper...and ok completely asleep at 4AM getting ready to head to the airport for San Diego.

Not only that but these babies taste great. The Ginger People chews are my new go to treat...mostly because I feel like I'm eating something good for me, be it true or um just slightly true! It took me all of ohhhh a week to devour the Spicy Apple Ginger Chews...I loved the hotness they created in my mouth, the chewy texture and well the whole taste! I've always been a tootsie roll fan mostly for the chewy texture, so now I feel like I've got a better treat! Plus I have also found that if I use one of these after a party I am less likely to experience any stomach issues.

Ginger has a lot of health benefits for you too:

Helps with circulation, which is said to be good for fighting off colds

Can clean and thin the blood, resulting in cleaner organs

Potentially good for your heart health

Used in ancient medicine as a way to balance the body

Hmmm does this mean I might be able to try a roller coaster again...that would be AWESOME!!! The first birthday D and I spent together he took me to an amusement park (not knowing I had motion sickness). I didn't want to tell him that I would get sick, so we hoped on ride after ride, until finally the world was spinning and I was pretty sure I would HURL on his shoes. We had only been dating about a month, so I was trying to hide it...but eventually he was like umm you look sort of pale...and that was the end, time to go home and sleep it off!"

Published by RunToTheFinish.blogspot.com, June 2009.