Welcome to the Ginger People Hunt!

Thanks for joining our ginger hunt to win $250.00 worth of Ginger People products, along with a limited edition ginger statue.

You will receive clues over the next few weeks to help you find the hidden statue. Statues will be hidden around the globe, including the U.S., Australia, Canada, the Ukraine, Japan, Kuwait and the United Kingdom.

Here's how it works: Ginger fans in each participating country will be given clues via email , twitter and facebook. The first person in each country to email a photograph of themself with the statue in the hiding place to [email protected] will win a statue and $250 worth of Ginger People products.

The hunt begins in November and ends when all statues are found.

Why a ginger hunt? This December, we’re unveiling the world’s largest Ginger Person at our headquarters in California. Our colossal Ginger Person is made of solid granite and weighs 16,000 pounds! Since not every one of our loyal consumers can attend the unveiling, we wanted to bring the celebration to you. We thought a game of hide and seek around the world was a fun way to share our celebration of ginger. It also allows us to give away some of our yummy ginger products and our adorable ginger statues.

Clues to follow. Happy Hunting!