The Ginger People® Get Naked – Launch Bare Ginger

Marina, Calif. (January 2013) – Snacking just got a little spicier with the creation of a new treat from The Ginger People: Organic Bare Ginger. Packaged in an adorable bag featuring a personified ginger root in the buff, this new snack reflects the fun side of the brand and touts the many healthy benefits of its namesake spice.

“Ginger has such a health-oriented reputation, we wanted to take our traditional crystallized ginger and ‘un’ crystallize it,” says Abbie Leeson, executive vice president of The Ginger People. “It took us a few years to perfect our proprietary process. Now we’re there and we’re excited to bring Bare Ginger to the candy aisle.”

Unlike traditional crystallized ginger, Bare Ginger has no surface sugar, giving it a velvety smooth mouth feel. The center of each piece is succulent and fibreless, indicators of premium quality. Bare Ginger is fat free, gluten free and vegan friendly.

Certified organic by the USDA, Organic Bare Ginger will be available under the company’s Gin Gins candy range in a 3.5oz resealable bag. The suggested retail price will be $3.39 at select natural food stores beginning Spring 2013.

For more information, visit The Ginger People booth (#4821).