Ever wonder why holiday treats are filled with spices like cinnamon and ginger? Beyond its delicious warming flavor, ginger helps you digest all those rich meals,

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Scottish research finds ginger may combat obesity

Journal of Molecular Nutrition & Food Research recently published the findings from a study conducted by researchers at Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health in Aberdeen. Their

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Researchers uncover anti-cancer properties of whole ginger extract

British Journal of Nutrition has published a study conducted by researchers at Georgia State University which explores the anti-cancer benefits of ginger. While

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From the New York Times Health blog, Karen Barrow wrote:

In this week’s “Really?” column, Anahad O’Connor examines whether ginger, the popular remedy for a queasy stomach, can also reduce soreness after exercise. In one study, he Read More

Nova Ferrington, Yahoo! Contributor Network wrote, "If you are dieting or just trying to watch your weight, there are certain foods well known as "fat burners", meaning that they naturally help your body burn extra calories. As always, the key is to Read More
According to a recent article by the Times of India, "Ginger has long been used as a home remedy for ailments like colds and upset stomachs. But research has now found that daily ginger consumption also reduces muscle pain caused by Read More

Within scientific circles, it has been documented that ginger helps mitigate the pain of arthritis by reducing inflammation. In this process, the active ingredients in ginger, compounds called gingerols, inhibit an enzyme that causes

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Called "the Great Medicine" by ancient Indian vaids, ginger has long been touted by herbalists for its cleansing effect on the body, removing toxins and restoring the body's balance.

"Ginger is loaded with virus-fighting substances,

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Historians say Confucius ate ginger with every meal. This legend has credence due to ginger's enzymatic properties which help break down food.

"Ginger increases digestive movement through the stomach and duodenum, and has also been shown

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Ginger contains anti-inflammatory compounds called gingerols. They are believed to be responsible for the relief reported by many arthritis and chronic pain sufferers who regularly consume ginger. "It [ginger] works like Ibuprofen, but without Read More

Of all ginger's effects, its anti-nausea property is probably the best known. From morning sickness to motion sickness, ginger has been used for thousands of years to quell the queasies. Studies have found ginger more effective than the Read More

A much anticipated study linking ginger to reducing nausea will be presented next week at the annual meeting for the American Society of Clinical Oncology. The study, funded by the National Cancer Institute, found that patients who consumed

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"Ginger could relieve the nausea and vomiting experienced by pregnant women, say Australian researchers. Ginger does not prevent morning sickness but it may help ease some of the nausea experienced by pregnant women, Read More
"Vioxx is off the market and gas is over $2 a gallon, but the last real health deal is still out there, and dirt cheap, too - in the spice aisle of the grocery store. The spices of the East - cayenne, turmeric, Read More
"I noticed you didn't mention on your site that ginger completely soothes menstrual cramps. A few months ago, I was out of Advil and too crampy to go to the pharmacy, which was closed anyway. I looked in my Read More