The Ginger People's Organic Minced Ginger is featured in a recipe for stick maple, lime and ginger chicken on Cinnamon and Coriander's Read More
40 Best Things to Eat & Drink
Before, During & After Your Run

October, 2015

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The Ginger People Sign First Direct Trade Agreement in Indonesia
Arjuna Share program is a first in the ginger industry, supporting organic farmers in East Java.

October 3, 2015

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The Ginger People Arjuna Bar in Candy & Snack Today
While not a probiotic bar, The Ginger People’s new organic Arjuna Ginger bar is made with only four ingredients

May/June, 2015

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Celebrity Faves: Chef Marcus Samuelsson Shares His Favorite Stuff

May 2015

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Zöe Kravitz -Actress, Singer, Model

"Whenever I travel, I eat the whole bag."

March 2015

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The Ginger People Launches First Dietary Supplement with Active Ginger Compounds
Company Introduces New Drug-free Remedy for Nausea Relief and Digestive Health

May, 2015

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The Ginger People introduces first ginger treat bar with 360º sustainability
Company brings Indonesian adventure to conscientious snackers

March 1, 2015

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The Ginger People Organic Ginger Syrup featured in The Windsor Star

October 2013

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The Ginger People Gin Gins featured in Plymouth Herald

October 12, 2013

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The Ginger People Organic Ginger Syrup featured in Men's Journal Magazine

July 2013

Homemade Ginger Ale

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Gin Gins® featured in People Magazine

June 2013

People Magazine features Rachelle Lucas's Travel Picks. The blogger from the Travel Bite names Gin Gins a chewy treat to make your summer trip no sweat.

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The Ginger People Introduce Chief Brand Ambassador Mr. Knobs, Goes for sofi™ Gold in Two Categories at New York Fancy Food Show

Marina, Calif. (June 2013) – The Ginger People will introduce their Chief Brand Ambassador

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The Ginger People® Receive Non-GMO Verification on Seven Products

Marina, Calif. June, 2013 –The Ginger People®, the nation’s leading ginger product supplier, is pleased to announce the Non-GMO Project

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“Live” from Expo West, It’s The Ginger People!

Bare Ginger, Body Paint and a 6’6” Ginger Character

Marina, Calif. (February 2013) – Trade show exhibitors will do most anything to get your attention on the convention

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The Ginger People® Get Naked – Launch Bare Ginger

Marina, Calif. (January 2013) – Snacking just got a little spicier with the creation of a new treat from The Ginger People:

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The Ginger People® Expand Organic Range with Organic Ginger Spread

Marina, Calif. (February 2013) – From the folks who know ginger best comes another organic ginger

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The Ginger People® Launch Organic Food Service Line

Marina, Calif. (February 2013) – The Ginger People®, the nation’s leading ginger ingredient

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Gin Gins® Chewy Ginger Candies are a road trip necessity for Kirsten Bell shown here in the latest Newsweek Magazine.

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The Ginger People’s Ginger Chews - Now Part Of The Gin Gins® Family

Marina, Calif. (May 2012) – The Ginger People®, North America’s #1 selling ginger brand, is proud to unveil a fresh new look for their popular

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The Ginger People Win 2012 sofi™ Silver Award - Vie for Gold in New York

Marina, Calif. May, 2012 – The Ginger People grabbed another coveted sofi award this year from the National Association of the Specialty Food

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The Ginger People Get Fresh With New Candy Packaging Design

Marina, Calif. (March 2012) – The Ginger People®, North America’s leading ginger producer, unveil new branding for their #1 selling ginger candy range at

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World’s First Gourmet Spice Drop Hits Store Shelves Soon

Marina, Calif. (January 2012) – Said to be the “world’s first gourmet spice drop,” Gin Gins Spice Drop is landing in stores this spring. Launched by

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A Taste of Natural Beauty with Ginger

A new line of natural skin care products by The Ginger People, a Marina based business, hits stores this June. The GO collection is the company’s first foray into cleansers, creams

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London, UK (April 11, 2011) – The Ginger People, North America’s leading ginger brand, announced an expanded commitment to European and

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Marina, Calif. (March 22, 2011) – Known around the globe for her thoughtful recommendations and endorsements, Oprah’s Read More


Marina, Calif. (March 22, 2011) – Chosen from nearly 3,600 exhibitors and 1,000 entries, The Ginger People’s organic ginger syrup has Read More

Color your Halloween healthy! Ideal for soothing upset tummies, The Ginger People candies come in 6 individually wrapped, all-natural and totally yummy varieties. They're gluten free and low calorie too, so letting trick-or-treating ghosts Read More
Triple Ginger Snaps Named Editors Pick editors combed the New York Fancy Food Show in search of their top cookie picks. Among the top named was our

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Sneak Peak at The Ginger People Holiday Collection

"The Ginger People (Royal Pacific Foods) were showing off their holiday collection which included Gingerbread Family cookies (mom, dad, kids and the dog) and, my absolute favorite,

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The Ginger People Win Coveted Gold at 2010 sofi Awards In New York

Marina, Calif., June 30, 2010 The Ginger People won the coveted Gold sofi Award from the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade, Inc. (NASFT) for

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Marina, Calif., June, 2010 The Ginger People was awarded the 2010 Trends and Innovation Award for its Hot Ginger Jalapeno Sauce at SIAL Shanghai, Asia's largest food and beverage exhibition.

The Trends and Innovations Competition

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The Ginger People are excited to share that we reached our 1,000-tree pledge in partnership with American Forests. We began our green initiative last year for Earth Day by donating $1 for every 32oz Ginger Soother and Ginger enerGizer sold through Read More
Ginger Comes to Life! For over 20 years we have been dedicated to creating award-winning 100% natural ginger products to broaden the appeal of the world's most healthful and versatile spice. Our passion reached new heights at Natural Products Expo Read More

Marina, Calif. - March 2010- The annual Ginger People Gingie Awards, the pinnacle of ginger honors in the natural foods industry, took place this month honoring top professionals promoting the virtues of this esteemed spice. Read More

MARINA, Calif., December, 2009- The world's largest ginger root has landed at the headquarters of The Ginger People in Marina, California, and will be unveiled to the public on December 17. Made out of 16,000 pounds of solid granite, the Read More

If you (or anyone you know) lives near one of the stores listed below, hurry in and you may win $250 worth of Ginger People product.

Here's how easy it is to win our "Where in the World is Ginger" game: One ginger statue is Read More

NPR hosted Ginger Recipe Contest

Ginger is the quintessential spice for the holiday season. So, it was only fitting that a ginger recipe contest was held by NPR (National Public Radio).

According to the source (NPR), Read More

Ginger: The spice of the season.

Of all the spices, ginger seems the most intimately linked with the holidays. This merry-making season, The Ginger People are pleased to offer this festive favorite flavor in two whimsical

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Welcome to the Ginger People Hunt!

Thanks for joining our ginger hunt to win $250.00 worth of Ginger People products, along with a limited edition ginger statue.

You will receive clues over the next Read More

Settling into that aisle seat that was almost impossible to grab, the next light bulb that turns bright in the mind is probably, "what beverage will get me through this five hour flight." Most travelers settle for the airline signature Read More

Curry for the People, by the People

As anyone who has dropped a few dollars at an Asian restaurant knows, not all curry dishes are equal, or even alike. Curry is not so much a distinct spot on the culinary landscape, as it is

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"Motion sickness and I have always been buddies when it comes to car least when I'm in back... then over the past 10 years it started to effect me with flying and well say good bye to roller coasters.

My best experience

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"Dainty as can be, the cookies are hardly bigger than your thumbnail. But boy, do they pack a ginger wallop. No wonder, as these crisp, tiny little things are made with ground ginger, candied ginger, and ginger juice. The heat lingers on Read More

My New Healthy Obsession

Featured under the heading “My New Healthy Obsession -The Ginger People Crystallized Ginger Chips", writter Cynthia Sass, R.D. continues to say, "It'll pop a few after a meal to satisfy my sweet

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"When I was in college, the answer to my troubles was to medicate with over the counter and prescription anti-nausea meds. However, since I usually have to drive when the plane lands, and even the non-drowsy meds still knock me out, I needed Read More

America’s #1 selling ginger brand, The Ginger People, announces its sponsorship of the 2009 Mambolicious recipe contest. The Ginger People are calling on all cooks from culinary professionals to at-home chefs to glaze, bake, broil and

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Ginger jazzes up pancakes, can aid digestion- Used as  medicine in ancient times and reserved for royalty the Roman Empire, ginger- a worldy spice- is enjoyed today in global cuisines. The Ginger People of Marina, CA

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Awarded "Best Ginger Sauce" by Real Simple Magazine out of dozens tasted, The Ginger People Ginger Lime Marinade & Cooking Sauce wowed editors with rich flavor and versatility. Said the magazine, "This potent

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Natural Ginger Treats- These new Ginger Snaps from The Ginger People debuted at the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. Made with ginger juice, ground ginger and candied ginger, these small cookies are

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Ginger ANZACS: Cookies from down under- Most cookies are just cookies, in that they are essentially some pleasing concoction of sweet and toothsome ingredients, mixed, and baked up in such a way that draws people in, and keeps them Read More