Ginger: The spice of the season.

Of all the spices, ginger seems the most intimately linked with the holidays. This merry-making season, The Ginger People are pleased to offer this festive favorite flavor in two whimsical holiday treats: Ginger Babies and Ginger Candy Canes.

Made from tender baby ginger that is steeped in sweet syrup, lightly dusted in cane sugar and hand cut into their namesake shapes, Ginger Babies and Ginger Candy Canes are ready to dip in dark chocolate, dangle from cocktail glasses or garnish holiday cookies, pies and cakes.

Best of all, ginger is a digestif and often touted for its ability to counteract overindulgence that often occurs around the holidays.

Ginger Babies and Ginger Candy Canes are hand packed in gift jars complete with hang tag offering creative serving suggestions.

Try These Festive Cocktail Recipes and garnish with Crystallized Ginger Babies or Canes.

Gingered Grand Marnier Cocktail.

Gizer Hot Toddy.

Spiked Ginger Cider.

Happy Holidays. Cheers!