The Ginger People Organic Ginger Syrup featured in The Windsor Star

October 2013

Taste Test: Ginger Syrup

"What the world needs now is sparkle, ASAP, hopefully from a non-alcoholic, all-natural source of zing. Enter The Ginger People, purveyors of quality ginger products for over 30 years.

Their empire (from heritage Chinese crops) includes beverages, candies, chips, spreads and other pantry essentials, and this syrup.

Ginger is a proven revivifier. Start with the drizzles - on fresh fruit, yogurt, goat cheese, plain cakes or scones.

Also, some pancakes, waffles and ice cream need a touch of raciness, and some dull teas are dying for a lick of heat.

For homemade ginger ale, add the syrup to sparkling water. When a stronger drink is called for, whip up a ginger martini with vodka, lime juice and ginger syrup. Sparkle, people, sparkle! 4 stars out of 5. Price: 237 mL for $7.99 at fine food stores."