“Live” from Expo West, It’s The Ginger People!

Bare Ginger, Body Paint and a 6’6” Ginger Character

Marina, Calif. (February 2013) – Trade show exhibitors will do most anything to get your attention on the convention floor. This year at Expo West, The Ginger People are “showing some skin” to draw attendees to their booth (#4821). On Saturday, March 9, this ginger-obsessed group will turn themselves into “real” Ginger People with the help of an entertainment industry body artist who’s clients include the Smashing Pumpkins.

“Specializing in placing artwork onto any good frame,” the artist and her team will start at 5 a.m. to transform The Ginger People into what you’re more familiar seeing in the produce section of your grocery store.

“We’re serious about our product line, its quality and healthy reputation,” says Abbie Leeson, Executive Vice President, “but we also have a fun brand and we want to convey both stories.”

To round out the “baring it all” theme, The Ginger People will present their new product, Organic BARE Ginger, and unveil a new family member: A 6’6” ginger character that’ll mug with all booth visitors for photos that can be sweet or spicy, but absolutely appropriate (and encouraged) for social media posting.

For more information, visit The Ginger People booth (#4821).