The Ginger People introduces first ginger treat bar with 360º sustainability
Company brings Indonesian adventure to conscientious snackers

March 1, 2015

The Ginger People will debut its breakthrough ginger snack at Expo West, the leading trade show in the natural and organic products in Anaheim, CA. The new Arjuna Ginger Bar, which will be available for consumers to purchase this May, exemplifies the company’s mission to deliver ginger goodness to every body and satisfy consumer hunger for real food with both a sense of adventure and responsibility.

With trends showing Americans and Europeans snacking on sweet and salty treats more frequently, the demand for products that fulfill our physical and emotional appetites has skyrocketed. The Arjuna Ginger Bar answers this growing demand with ginger’s power to satisfy and a holistic consideration for sustainability.

Dedicated to natural and organic principles from inception, The Ginger People have doubled down with a commitment to sustainability on all fronts: growing, producing, packaging and community. From compostable foil wrappers to “Arjuna Share,” a direct profit-sharing program with organic ginger farmers, the Arjuna Ginger Bar offers more than just a tasty treat. Allowing people to see the direct connection between their snacking choices and a community choosing preservation of heritage agricultural practices over industrialization, the Arjuna Ginger Bar contributes to positive change in our global food system.

“Creating this bar has been a real journey, with a lot of passionate people involved, from our UK partner who sparked the idea initially, to the group of 28 Arjuna farmers, from our committed confectioner to the folks at Big Tree Farms, our coconut sugar supplier. We all believe in the same thing - sharing good food that’s good for everyone. That’s not always an easy mission, but we live by my high school motto, ‘Nil sine labore.’” says Bruce Leeson, founder and president.

The better-for-you indulgence is the culmination of a project begun more than two years ago with ginger farmers near the Arjuna volcano in East Java, Indonesia. Crafted by dedicated confectioners, the Arjuna Ginger Bar uses organic Javanese “Sparrow” ginger, a variety known for its delicate size and intense heat. The ginger is sweetened with low Glycemic Index coconut sugar, also grown in East Java. The product launch will be supported by a dedicated website that shares the story of the Arjuna farmers and their community, along with product sampling in-store and via social channels.