Gluten-Free Products

  1. Gin Gins® Double Strength Hard Ginger Candy
    Gin Gins® Double Strength Hard Ginger Candy are made with all natural ingredients. Enjoy as an after dinner digestive or a throat lozenge to both warm and soothe.
  2. Gin Gins® Original Chewy Ginger Candy
    America's #1 selling ginger candy - the Gin Gins® Original Chewy Ginger Candy. Spicy sweet chewy candies.
  3. Gin Gins® Hot Coffee Chewy Ginger Candy
    By combining real coffee with the warming properties of fresh ginger, this new candy cleverly mimics a hot cup of coffee.
  1. Gin Gins® Crystallized Ginger Candy
    Big succulent chunks of crystallized baby ginger to enjoy as a soothing sweet-hot treat.
  2. Gin Gins® Spicy Apple Chewy Ginger Candy
    Chewy candies made with fresh ginger, golden delicious apples, cinnamon and allspice.
  3. Gin Gins® Super Strength Ginger Candy
    Gin Gins® Super Strength Ginger Candy is a super-delicious, super-soothing candy packed with a whopping 30% fresh ginger - our most potent candy yet!
  1. Gin Gins® Ginger Spice Drops
    Both vegan-friendly and gluten free, the new Gin Gins® Spice Drops contain no artificial colors, preservatives or flavors, just pure ginger.
  2. Gin Gins® Peanut Chewy Ginger Candy
    Nostalgic chewy peanut candies spiked with a dash of fresh ginger.
  3. NEW - Ginger Rescue Strong
    A more potent, drug-free chewable ginger tablet with greater Ginger Actives to help promote digestive health, relieve motion sickness and ease gas and indigestion. To find a store near you click here.
  1. Crystallized Ginger Slices
    Sweet slices of delicate baby ginger from our newest, purest source. Perfect garnish for baking, cocktails, & elegant desserts.
  2. NEW Ginger Rescue Mighty Mango, Kid Friendly
    A fruity drug-free chewable ginger tablet with Ginger Actives to help promote digestive health, relieve motion sickness and ease gas and indigestion. The tasty fruit flavor is kid-friendly with just Read More
  3. Crystallized Ginger Chips
    Chewy chips of spicy-sweetness ready to go straight into cookies, cakes, breads, muffins, scones, chutney... you name it!
  1. NEW - Arjuna Ginger Bar
    The only confectionery bar made with fresh organic ginger and sweetened with low GI organic coconut sugar.
  2. Hot Ginger Jalapeño Sauce
    The go-to sauce for scrambled eggs, omelettes, roasted potatoes and burgers. Makes a mean peppery-hot Bloody Mary and shows off its talents as a wildly good enchilada sauce.
  3. Organic Ginger Spread
    Now organic! This versatile spicy-sweet paste is made of sweet baby ginger and pure cane sugar (yes, that's all). A sublime swirl on toast, over baked chicken and roasted carrots or fruit. Also serve Read More
  1. Organic Minced Ginger
    Finley chopped ginger to easily incorporate into your favorite homemade dish.
  2. Organic Grated Ginger
    Crisp slivers of organic young ginger with a thousand and one uses, this stuff is the "gratest!"
  3. Organic Crystallized Ginger
    Grown in Fiji, one of the most pristine ecosystems in the world, our Organic Crystallized Ginger is picked early while it's still young and tender. Then we sweeten it with organic cane sugar and hand Read More
  1. Organic Ginger Syrup
    Golden ginger-infused syrup to drizzle over fruit salads, ice cream, or cakes. Swirl the sweetness of ginger into a warm bowl of oatmeal or glaze chicken, roasted carrots or sweet potatoes.
  2. Organic Ginger Juice
    Discover the goodness of ginger in its most convenient form Ginger Juice.
  3. Organic Pickled Sushi Ginger
    This is it! Pure pickled ginger for the most discerning sushi chefs. Left in its natural, ivory-colored state the way Mother Nature intended.
  1. Ginger Beer
    Our award-winning ginger beer has a hip, new look - Bottoms Up! The new branding celebrates the purity of our recipe, the satisfying warmth of unfiltered ginger juice and just the right amount of Read More
  2. Ginger enerGizer™
    A powerhouse tonic to naturally boost energy. Made with potent ginger ingredients with a splash of apple.
  3. Ginger Soother®
    A stomach-settling elixir made with antioxidant fresh pressed punchy Peruvian ginger, lemon juice and pure honey.
  1. Crystallized Ginger Gift Jar
    Crystallized ginger hand-packed into an exquisite ginger jar. Reflective of the heritage of our source, this is a gift befitting a true ginger connoisseur.