GO Energy For The Skin

our ginger story

All ginger. All natural. That's all we do. Our family-owned company has been feeding health-conscious folks ginger for over 25 years. Now we're going to nourish your skin with it. Our creed: Healthy inside, healthy outside.

Herbalists have used ginger for thousands of years to restore energy, stimulate circulation and warm the body. With GO, we are delighted to bring these powerful benefits to the skin.

When we started to dream of a skin care line three years ago, we looked at our growing business and award-winning food brand, and recognized we had the passion to put the goodness of ginger to work in a skin care line. But we needed the technical expertise to match our natural ingredient-based experience. In 2009, Swiss-born Yanne Clerc joined The Ginger People to lead the development of GO. Clerc graduated from New York's Fashion Institute of Technology with a degree in Fragrance and Cosmetics Marketing. Her education is coupled with extensive experience in sustainable packaging, ingredient sourcing and product development. Together, we created GO.

Key to GO's efficacy is organic essential oil from Madagascar. This powerful, cornerstone ingredient is what puts all the actives of GO into play. By blending this pure oil with other nature-derived active ingredients, we bring you GO with pride and promise that GO will bring life, energy and ginger's goodness to your skin.

Abbie Leeson - Owner

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