Sweet Ginger Chili Sauce

Sweet Ginger Chili Sauce

Spice up salads, dips and sandwiches with a healthy drizzle of our Sweet Ginger Chili. A sublime glaze for seafood, salmon and chicken. Made with sweet red peppers, spicy ginger and chilies.
12.7 fl oz (375.5 mL)


Product Description

Inspired by the spice markets of the Far East, our Sweet Ginger Chili sauce combines the flavors of sweet red peppers with the heat of ginger and chilies. A versatile blend of sweet and heat, this sauces "presents" beautifully as a dipping sauce for spring rolls, pot stickers and veggie cakes. Simple, yet sublime.

The Ginger People sauces contain more ginger than any other brand.


Ingredients: cane sugar, water, distilled white vinegar, roasted red pepper puree, dehydrated garlic, ginger puree, sweet ginger pulp, crushed chilies, cornstarch.

2 tbsp. contains 70 calories, 0g fat, 0mg cholesterol, 5mg sodium, 16g carbohydrates, 14g sugar, 0g protein.

Gluten Free.
All Natural.