Crystallized Ginger Chips

at Nugget Markets

Every home chef should have this creative, recipe-ready baking ingredient in their pantry. Amazingly versatile, use these chips in place of chocolate chips, nuts or dried fruit in nearly all baking recipes. Find your nearest Nugget Markets location here to buy in-store. Download a PDF of our Ultimate Chewy Ginger Snaps ♥ recipe


But wait, there’s so much more you can do with these creative baking chips…

  • Add to cookie or quick-bread dough, carrot cake and fruit cobblers
  • Add sparkle to fruit salads
  • Sprinkle into oatmeal, granola, toss into pancake batter
  • Create dark chocolate-ginger bark
  • Brighten roasted carrots, sweet potatoes and beets
  • Drop into a warm cup of tea
  • Non-GMO  |   Vegan  |   Kosher
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Find it near baking ingredients in the grocery aisle at Nugget Markets