GINGER RESCUE® SHOTS – A healthy alternative to promote vitality and wellness – Press Release

by | 18/05/18

There’s a reason energy-shot drinks are stocked, up front and accessible, at gas stations, convenience stores and markets. The quick hit of caffeine gives us a boost, keeps us up, awake and going.

Now, The Ginger People® has introduced Ginger Rescue® Shots, a healthful, caffeine-free alternative for people who want that energy boost while also promoting their wellbeing. It is widely known that ginger, in its various forms, is good for us. Whether it tastes good depends on the palate. Hardcore ginger lovers eat it straight, in its natural form. Most people enjoy it as a flavor-enhancing spice or as a key ingredient in a recipe. The Ginger People®, who make it their business and their lifestyle to provide ginger-based packaged products – easily consumable forms of the vital spice – have created a trio of 2oz Ginger Rescue Shots. Designed with everyone in mind, these ginger shots not only foster good health; they taste good. “These are ‘rescue’ shots because ginger rescues the body in so many ways,” says Abbie Leeson who, with husband Bruce, cofounded The Ginger People in 1984.

Ginger has long been established as a source of wellness. Evidence-based reports indicate this popular spice
may lower blood sugars, reduce heart-disease risk factors, treat chronic indigestion and lower cholesterol
levels. It also may reduce inflammation, address muscle pain, resolve nausea and improve brain function to
guard against Alzheimer’s disease.

Consumers can enjoy Wild Turmeric, Coconut and Lemon & Cayenne flavors paired with ginger juice, and
toss back the 2oz shot for a sweet yet earthy, warming yet awakening experience of wellbeing.
The Leesons, who have been making ginger juice locally from fresh ginger for nearly 20 years, are particularly
pleased with the taste and health benefits of their Turmeric Ginger Shot. Turmeric is another antioxidant that
helps reduce inflammation, helps with arthritis, protects the heart and boosts brain health. Best of all, while
the earthy turmeric is not known for pleasing the palate, this shot actually tastes good.

“A lot of elixirs are good for us but don’t taste good. Ginger Shots do,” says Leeson, “which clears a big
hurdle in getting this health-enhancing product into the consumer. Ginger lovers know the benefits of ginger
and seek it out, aware that ginger promotes ‘vigilance,’ a natural stimulating effect similar to the alertness
experienced from caffeine. With our ginger shots, everyone can acquire a taste for it and receive its benefits.”
Bruce and Abbie believe in ginger shots, and make them a part of their lifestyle. They take them for health
reasons, as a natural way to detox, cleanse, lift, and for general wellbeing.

“We invite you to boost your inventory, your sales and your customer satisfaction with our Ginger Rescue®
Shots,” says Leeson, “while promoting the health and wellbeing of your community.”

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