Our Passion

For over 30 years, Bruce and Abbie Leeson have focused their family business around their passion for ginger. Named “Best Product Line” by the National Association of the Specialty Food Trade, The Ginger People offers a product range that honors the authentic, innovative and values-driven fundamentals of their brand.

Inspired by the healing powers of ginger spanning over 5000 years, The Ginger People creates products with simple, short ingredient lists, made in fun and functional formats for modern lifestyles and daily consumption.

The Ginger People work with small-scale farmers who share a reverence for the land through sustainable farming practices. Many of the farms we work with are near our manufacturing facilities, thus reducing our carbon footprint. From farm to market, The Ginger People support over 500 farmers, factories workers and staff in the premier growing regions of the world – China, Fiji, Indonesia and Peru.

With no GMOs, nothing artificial and a growing list of organic products, The Ginger People range has a little something for every body. And that’s not all. To add even more goodness, The Ginger People is expanding into turmeric, a famous member of the ginger family.

Mission Statement

At The Ginger People, our mission is to be the most trusted ginger brand in the world through quality, innovation, social responsibility, education and commitment. We are a family of people who seek to create and promote great-tasting, healthful ginger products.

By partnering with farmers and producers in the premier growing regions of the world, we support communities and create loyal relationships with those around us. We exist to share experiences where our passion for ginger and its purpose come together.

Meet Mr. Knobs

Hi! My name is Mr. Knobs, brand mascot here at The Ginger People. My job is to help share our story and tell you about the amazing benefits of ginger and why everyone should eat ginger every day.

I am energetic, good-natured and health-minded. I’m knowledgeable, honest and helpful, fun-loving and creative – sometimes a little cheeky, but always great company. I believe in taking care of the land and all the characters that walk on it. I believe in contributing to a healthier, happier and more flavorful world.

For each of our products, I get to release my alter egos and show off my many attributes. Although always true to my core virtues, I’m super versatile, too, and have nearly 100 personas!