Turmeric Latte Mix

Inspired by a traditional Indonesian remedy used in Jamu medicine, this nourishing warm drink is often synonymous with Golden Milk. Convenient and uncomplicated - enjoy daily.

  • Caffeine free

  • Easy to whip up, endlessly creative and super tasty

  • Makes 10 delicious lattes

  • Try with any animal or plant-based milk

  • 756mg turmeric, 2.8mg Curcumin and 1000mg Elephant ginger per serving

  • For an extra boost of bioavailability, add black pepper

  • Wellness uses for turmeric include inflammation, immune function, liver detox, antioxidant.

  • Sweetened with low GI Arenga palm sugar - rich in minerals and considered one of the world’s healthiest sweeteners

  • Use to craft imaginative cocktails, experiment with it in baking

  • Non-GMO  |   Gluten Free   |   Vegan

  • No artificial ingredients

  • Buy online or find it near the teas and chai in the grocery aisle

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